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How to Make Money with Google AdSense in 2022 (Guide 101)

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How to Make Money with Google AdSense

For everyone who wants to make money online in general, making money with Google Adsense is one of the best and most credible ways to make money online in this field in 2022.

That is why most young people went to create blogs to profit with Google Adsense, but in the end, they are surprised by the difficult conditions, difficulties, and setbacks they face to start making money with Google Adsense.

In this topic, we will provide a comprehensive and definitive guide on how to make money with Google Adsense for beginners in 2022.

1. What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is one of the Google services through which we can make money from the Internet, today in the year 2022 many people, companies, and bloggers entered the field of making money with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is an advertising service for Google that displays its ads on blogs, YouTube, and applications, and part of the profit and money from these ads is given to the owners of these sites.

In this way, Google Adsense has become the best way to make money online.

You or any company or I can register and create a Google Adsense account to display ads on your blog or site, even if it is a completely free blog on the Blogger platform.

But some questions must be answered: Can anyone make money with Google Adsense? Should I try to make money with Google Adsense? Is earning money with Google Adsense substitute for real work?

In fact, and frankly, Google Adsense is not an easy platform to make money or get rich overnight, as some websites promote it. Earning money with Google Adsense is a slow way to make money with content, but it is guaranteed and has a future.

If you are a high-quality content creator, whether on a Blogger blog, WordPress platform, or YouTube, you can make money with Google Adsense, but how and how much can you earn and earn money with Adsense.

I will explain everything about making money with Google Adsense in detail.

2. How does Google Adsense work

Google is the largest search engine in the world and about 70-80% of all visits come only from Google alone.

That's why many advertisers or companies join Google to pay money to publish their ads on all the content that appears on the Google search engine, whether it is on blogs or YouTube.

Suppose you search for a keyword in Google like “make money with Google Adsense in 2022” and click on any website, the advertisement displayed on that site is by Google Adsense like what you see now on Atlas Marketing Blog.

The advertiser pays Google for displaying this ad, and that money and profit will be divided between Google Adsense and the website owner in a specific percentage.

In short, Google Adsense is an intermediary that brings the advertiser, deals with him, displays his ads on the site or YouTube channel that you own, and divides the profit and money between you and Google.

Google Adsense monitors the ads displayed by advertisers on your blog and determines the profit and CPC for these ads.

You can subscribe and earn money with Google Adsense through any platform owned or approved by Google.

  1. YouTube channel - YouTube
  2. Blogger - Blogger
  3. A site or application owned by you (free sites without Blogger are not accepted).

3. Requirements and conditions for registering in Google AdSense?

To get and create a Google Adsense account, you will need the following things:

  1. Gmail account - Gmail.
  2. Blog idea and creation, whether on Blogger or WordPress.
  3. Your full address to receive mail from Adsense to make sure your address is correct.
  4. A bank account in your name or the name of a family member to receive money on. (The bank account is from your country).

4. How to create a Google Adsense account?

To join AdSense, you must have a website or online blog.

Then go to the official Google Adsense website ( and apply for a Google Adsense account by filling in your website name and email.

create google adsense account

But first, before an Adsense account is created for you, Google Adsense will thoroughly check the site you sent to find out the credibility of your site, the speed of the site, and the quality of articles submitted by you.

That is why if you want to accept your site and your Google Adsense account, follow this article with us to the end, I will give you all the conditions and tips for accepting your site quickly and how to make money with Google Adsense.

If your account is approved, it will look like this:

Accept your site and your Google Adsense account

Then Google Adsense will give you the codes of some ads such as display ads, in-content ads, or auto ads.

Codes of some ads in Google Adsense

You will have to enter the ad codes on your blog, the ads will appear on your website shortly after you apply the code to the blog.

5. How to get approval from Google Adsense?

approval from Google Adsense

The approval of the review by the AdSense team may take from 2 to 3 weeks, and in the case of approval, your blog is eligible to display Google Adsense ads.

As for the approval of YouTube channels on Google Adsense, some conditions must be provided first to be able to send a request to Google Adsense. A YouTube channel requires at least 1000 subscribers and about 4000 hours of watch time in the last 365 days.

In the last time since the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, the acceptance of Google Adsense has become a very difficult task, and many of us face rejection several times from the AdSense team.

That is why I will share with you the best 6 ways to get accepted into Adsense, which can help you get approved for your Google Adsense account, and you will understand why your blog is not eligible for the Adsense program in 2022.

It doesn't matter whether you've only started blogging for a while, whether it's Blogger or WordPress, the way to get accepted into Google Adsense is the same for both.

To get your blog accepted into Google Adsense and start earning you must go through all Adsense filters for approval.

Previous people used to accept their blogs in Adsense from different accounts with the intention of selling activated Adsense accounts later and profiting from them.

As Google Adsense understood this, there have been many changes in their policies in offering acceptance on AdSense accounts whether on the blog or YouTube channel.

Currently, the approval team at Google Adsense takes the approval process on Adsense accounts very strictly.

Terms and methods of accepting the blog in Google Adsense in 2022

I am sure that if you use these methods and fulfill the conditions that I will mention to you, you will never doubt whether you will get your blog accepted in Google Adsense or not.

So let's start with these important tips before applying for Google Adsense:

There is a lot of curiosity among people new to this field. That is why they do not wait and want to make money with Google Adsense as soon as possible, and this is why they send a request to Google Adsense without thinking.

Now in such a situation, if Google Adsense rejects their request, then they have to face big problems and there are even those who leave the field of Adsense from this failure and some of them have the message of accepting Adsense like a dream in their mind So, before applying to Google Adsense, but these conditions in considering in order not to suffer from rejection in Adsense.

Basic admission requirements for Google Adsense in 2022 in a nutshell:

  1. Your blog should contain 30 high-quality articles (I recommend articles larger than 500 words).
  2. There should not be any articles copied from others on the blog.
  3. Navigating between pages in the blog is correct and good.
  4. The website should be perfectly compatible with mobile, phone, tablet as well as computers.

And now let's get into the details of the ways to accept Adsense, if you do and achieve them taking into account these conditions, you will not be rejected from Google Adsense by 100% and you will get your blog accepted for make money with  Adsense.

1. Custom domain name (paid domain)

If you are blogging using the Blogger platform, you have a domain name from Google in the form of "Blogspot.Com".

This free domain is not good unless you are a beginner and want to write to share ideas and experiences and have no ambition to make money with Google Adsense in 2022, but your goal this time is to make money with your blog.

On the other hand, if you are using WordPress, then you should use a paid domain because Google Adsense does not accept any free domain other than Blogger.

So either way, I suggest you buy a private domain with well-known extensions like com, .org, .site, .info, .net, ..etc.

I never advise you to use a free domain like .tk, this affects your blog’s SEO and SEO ranking.

So the first way to ensure that your blog will be accepted by Google Adsense is to buy a custom domain from any domain provider like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. I use Namecheap and I don't have any problem dealing with it I recommend it. A link to buy a domain name from Namecheap with a discount.

Make sure to purchase at least a one-year subscription and if you are creating a blog on WordPress then you need Hosting .

So I advise you to buy hosting from Hostinger Hosting, from which you will get 1 year of the paid domain for free, with a reduction in the hosting price, which is better for you in the beginning.

Therefore, the first thing we said is to have a paid domain for your blog to speed up the acceptance of your blog in Adsense, as well as to appear more positive and professional on your website.

2. Fixed and Mandatory Pages for Adsense Admission

Each site that requests to register in the Google Adsense program must contain some fixed and basic pages in accepting the blog in Adsense.

Your blog's homepage should contain a link to all of your static pages, either the top bar or the site's bottom menu bar.

The most important fixed pages to accept your blog in Adsense and make a profit

1. About us page to describe the site

This is a page of great importance, the person reviewing your blog checks what your blog is on this page, and what is the plan and vision for this site.

Review Right now in 2022 everything is verified so don't miss these easy things to start earning money with Google Adsense.

2. Contact us on help page

This page is intended for the visitor of the site, if any visitor has any questions, and if he has any suggestions, he can contact you, the Contact Us page is one of the main pages for acceptance in Google Adsense.

3. Privacy Policy for Cookie Use

Create a privacy policy page for your blog. No need to type a single word manually. Everything about this page is online. You can search and copy any one of any accepted blogs in AdSense and just change your blog name and email.

Do not worry, the content copied on the pages will not have any effect on the blog, because it is not on your post or article, it is only on the page.

So be sure to add these three static pages to your site for acceptance and start earning money with Google Adsense.

3.Improved template for getting your blog accepted into Google Adsense

This theme or theme is the most important factor for getting accepted into Adsense in 2022, one thing you should have in mind is that you are not making a profitable platform to raise money but you are creating a blog.

Therefore, you must have a simple and clear blog theme and use a free template as a beginner, there is no need to invest in a paid blogger or wordpress template, and you can easily create a professional blog with a free template in 2022.

Make sure that the theme and theme you choose is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.

4. Presence of your website pages on social media

The person applying to create an account with Google Adsense must have some presence on social media platforms.

Therefore, you must have social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest that you can put on the blog.

5. Number of articles and publications for acceptance in Google Adsense

Every beginner makes the mistake of not publishing good articles, they just create a free blogger blog and write some articles that do not miss 500 words and send a request to create an Adsense account to get approved and start making money from Google Adsense.

Remember, unless you achieve maximum quality on your blog in 2022, your site will not be approved for make money with Google Adsense.

This is a tip from me if you want to accept and start make money with Google Adsense in 2022 in a guaranteed way, each article must contain more than 1000 words at least.

Continue to publish articles every two to five days, so that this indicates to Google Adsense that you are a real contributor to providing exclusive and quality content in 2022.

6. Publish AdSense-supported content only

Before applying and creating a Google Adsense account, you must make sure that the content you publish on the Internet must be supported by AdSense and not violate the policies of Google Adsense.

If you are posting articles that violate Google Adsense earning money policies, you may have to face a lot of trouble, you can also read Google guidelines before you start creating a blog and make money with Google Adsense.

According to Google, there are often issues with the acceptance of an AdSense account regarding the posting of hacking articles, illegal activities, pornography, adult content, etc.

One of the important things when you want to make money with Google Adsense, Google always attaches great importance to unique content!

And whenever you apply to earn money with Google Adsense, it checks your blog if the content is copied or copyrighted or not.

With this in mind, whatever content you post on your new blog, the content and images must not be copied or copyrighted.

7. Site speed is one of the most important factors for acceptance in Google Adsense

The most important point in terms of make money with Google Adsense after exclusive content is the speed of the site, make sure that your site loading time is less than 3 to 5 seconds.

Ideally and desirable to Google, the site speed should be less than 5 seconds.

So if the AdSense team finds a blog that is taking longer than usual to load, it will have a bad effect on the approval of the AdSense account.

Website speed depends on two factors:

If you are working on a blogger platform, you do not have to worry about hosting, but it is important to choose the best template in terms of speed and display of Google ads.

But when you use WordPress, you should choose a reliable hosting, I advise you: Hostinger hosting, because of its speed and good performance.

6. How to receive earnings from Google Adsense in 2022 - Google AdSense Payout -

You start make money with Google Adsense any time that ads start appearing on your blog or channel, Google Adsense gives you a login panel to manage all these things where you can see the daily profit from Adsense.

AdSense will send you the payment when you get $100 in your Adsense account or 70 euros if you are in Algeria.

To receive your earnings with Google Adsense in 2022, you will have to enter your bank account number in your country in the payments field. Of course, you must reach $ 10 for Google Adsense to send you a code called PIN code to your address until your account is activated on Adsense and your payments are sent to your account The bank and your bank.

7. How to calculate Google Adsense earnings

When you enter your Google Adsense account dashboard, the amount of profit generated from your blog will be added based on CPC and CPM (we will explain all the terms of make money with Adsense below).

Let's say you got 10 clicks for the day, the average CPC was around $1, which resulted in you earning $10 with Google Adsense for the day.

The rate of profit and CPC will be average here i.e. the rate of all clicks, as not every Google ad displayed on your page will have the same CPC, some may be higher and some lower.

So in total, that $10 will be your estimated earnings with Adsense for that day and it will be added to your wallet but what if you don't get a lot of clicks for a lot of traffic to your blog.

In this case, you will be paid for the impressions, i.e. the price and the amount of profit per thousand impressions of Google ads on your CPM blog.

In such a case, if the reader reads your post and Google ads reach that page, you will still make money with Google Adsense ads.

No one can give an accurate idea of ​​the amount of CPC and CPC on Adsense ads, but you can consider CPC and CPM are related to each other, meaning the higher the price and the number of clicks you can earn good ad revenue from CPM.

To get an actual account of how much you can make money with Google Adsense and the cost per click that will come to your site, you have to get AdSense approved and verify it yourself, and you can do that if you focus a little bit in this tutorial only.

Therefore, CPC and RPM are the only two main criteria that guarantee to make money with Google Adsense in 2022, and to increase your CTR, i.e. increase the number of people who click on Google ads, you have to focus on the ad position in your blog.

Besides, to increase CPM, you have to focus on the right niche and blogging domain and search for the expensive keywords, the higher the cost and price per click, the higher the profits, you can discover the price of the keywords by creating an account on Google Ads.

8. Precautions while working and making money with Google Adsense in 2022:

If your blog or channel is accepted for making money with Google Adsense then congratulations, but you also have to take care of a few things so that you can use Adsense in the right way by sticking to the rules and taking the following precautions:

  • Never click on Google Adsense ads on your blog yourself.
  • Do not bring fake visits to the blog to increase profit.
  • Do not force anyone else to click on Google Adsense ads.
  • Don't place all of your Google Adsense ads too close to each other.
  • Google ads should not be placed in a place where there is a possibility of accidental clicks.
  • Do not place more than 5 ads on the blog, this may cause you a lot of losses and does not increase the percentage of money with Adsense.

9. How much money will be earned with Google Adsense in 2022

The question has always been how much does Google Adsense pay? Leading among beginners in making money from this field.

Google Adsense is a way to earn money, but in the form of passive income, i.e. only inactive in the beginning, but you also know that you can earn more than 10 dollars from one click on Google Adsense ads, but how?

Let's start calculating the percentage and amount of money from Google Adsense with knowledge of the terminology of this field for starters.

The most important terms of the field of making money with Google Adsense in 2022

Many of us do not know how the profits are distributed on page views and how much they are.

1. What are page views?

Pageviews in Google Adsense, are the pages of your blog and articles on which Google ads are displayed.

Sometimes it happens that your site is filled with Adsense ads but there was no loading or display of these ads on your page due to the problem of ad blocking or slow internet speed, in this case, you don't count page views.

Page views will be recorded only when the user reads your post and ads are shown on the same page.

2. What are Impressions?

Impressions represent the number of ads shown on the pages visited.

Let me tell you if you've written long content from around 1500 to 3000 words.

Where 5 ads from Google Adsense were displayed in the middle of the content and on the sidebar, and at the top of the content.

So the result is that the total number of Impressions is 15 per view, so the impressions are the number of ads shown on the entire blog.

To clarify more, when there is one user who reads one post in which 10 ads from Google Adsense are displayed and this person sees one ad and then exits, Adsense calculates this as a one-page view with 10 impressions.

3. What are clicks and CTR?

Clicks mean the number of clicks recorded on the Google Adsense ads displayed in the articles.

For example, if a user visits a post for you, and Google Adsense ads appear in that post.

While reading the post if the user clicks on the Google ad, which is displayed anywhere in the post, it will be counted as a click.

CTR stands for Click-Through Rate, which is the percentage of the number of clicks recorded compared to the number of page views.

(Clicks / Page Views) * 100 = CTR.

I hope you have understood what is meant by clicks and CTR, now that we are close to knowing how much Google Adsense you are paying us.

We must understand another thing from the terms of the field of make money from Google Adsense is the RPM (return per thousand impressions) that appears in YouTube Adsense and CPC (cost per click or price per click).

4. What is CPC?

CPC stands for Cost Per Click or Ad Click Price, which is a very important factor for increasing Google Adsense revenue in 2022.

Adsense CPC determines the amount you can earn if there are any clicks on the Google ads displayed on the blog, and CPC is determined by the campaign builder or Google AdWords advertiser.

The campaign creator will determine when there is a click for each ad and is willing to pay any specified amount to the content creator or publisher in Adsense.

5. What is Page RPM per 1000 ad impressions?

RPM stands for Revenue Per Thousand Impressions, which in simple words shows the cost of ads displayed per 1000 impressions.

For example, you have about 1,000 impressions. Earning amount is calculated based on your estimated earnings divided by the number of page views and multiplied by 1,000.

Price of one thousand ad impressions RPM = (Estimated earnings/page views) * 1000.

Let's say your estimated earnings with 50 page views are $1, i.e. your RPM will be 

(1/50) * 1000 = $20.

I hope by now you have understood the terms of making money from Google Adsense in 2022 in an easy way like CPC, RPM, Page Views, Clicks, and now our main view is how much money can be made with Google Adsense.

How much money do you earn from Google AdSense?

Google Adsense earnings depend on many factors, the most important of which is the type of advertisement that is displayed on the article or content page.

The types of Google Adsense ads that you will automatically display on your content will be based on different criteria.

So what you write as a blogger will decide what type of Google Adsense ads will be displayed in your blog posts.

If you're writing about generic ideas that don't have any marketing value or advertisers are targeting these ideas, it means they'll run low-cost-per-click ads.

But if your content is aimed at buying products from the Internet, insurance, technical content, reviews, etc., which require high marketing activity and have competition for advertising campaigns, then your content will appear on ads with a higher cost-per-click, and thus you will ensure more profit than AdSense.

Thus, choosing the right keywords is an important factor in generating more AdSense earnings. Therefore, the priority is to choose the domain or niche of your blog because it is he who will determine how much money you can make money with Google Adsense.

10. Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Google Adsense For Beginners In 2022

Q1. When should I apply to create a Google Adsense account?

Answer - When you have more than 30 original, uncopied and high-quality articles published on your blog, you can request to create an Adsense account.

Q2. The problem of Google Adsense ads not appearing on the blog?

Answer - To get an answer to this question, you have to find out your main problem and solve it via the Google Adsense support page. Solve the problem of not showing Google Adsense ads.

Q3. What is the minimum amount provided by Google [the minimum amount to receive Adsense earnings]?

Answer - The minimum Google Adsense is $100 or €70, which means that Google sends you your monthly earnings only after the $100 is completed.

Q4. When does Google Adsense send the CODE PIN to the address [When is the code sent to my address in the Adsense account]?

Answer - Google Adsense will send a message via mail to your address once you have won the amount of 10 dollars or approximately 8 euros.

Q5. Adsense payment dates?

Answer - When Google Adsense sends the payment on the twenty-first or twenty-second day of every month, then your earnings will reach the bank account in about 5 working days, which means on the 25th or 26th of the month, the arrival of Adsense earnings also depends on the bank or bank you work with.

Q6. More than two weeks ago, but you did not receive the money from Adsense [Problem of delayed Adsense payment]?

Answer - Sometimes Saturday or Sunday falls in the middle of bank working days, so it is possible that the sending of AdSense payments to your bank account may be delayed.

How to make money with Google Adsense for beginners in 2022:

Google Adsense is an advertising network owned by Google and known among all bloggers and blog owners.

Google is the best search engine in the world and if you can put your articles on the first page of Google search, you can make a lot of money from Google Adsense in 2022.

Traffic to your blog can come in different ways such as organic visits from Google or perhaps visits from social media platforms.

When talking about raising the CPC in Adsense, experts have noted many times that the CPC generated from organic visits from Google is higher than that of social media visits such as Facebook or Instagram.

Making money with Google Adsense in 2022 requires time, patience, and consistency in your work because in most cases the article you write today may be uploaded 2-3 months later, on the first page in Google.

make money with Google Adsense is the first in the list of the best ways to make money from the Internet in 2022, so you should choose high-level areas such as technology and target the appropriate keywords in the articles, which will be able to achieve high profits with Google Adsense.

I hope you got what you wanted to know about all the information about making money from Google Adsense in 2022, if you have any queries or tips regarding this article, feel free to comment, we respect every comment from you and are committed to answering your questions.

We wish you success with your start in the field of making money with Google Adsense.

If you think this article is worth sharing with someone else, share it in all your groups, we hope for your support in the PROFIT ATLAS Blog Thank you.

Good luck #PROFIT ATLAS | Work online and make money from the Internet.

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